Why Scan Your Medical Records: The Lost Time

Scanning your medical records is imperative. With profit margins continuing to get smaller in medical practices it’s important to increase efficiency in all areas.  Streamlined management of medical records and the process of digitizing them is one key component of creating a leaner, more cost-effective practice.

The time lost spent going from one location to another trying to find a particular page in a patient’s chart is something that many office managers and doctors forget to think about.  I have worked in a medical practice where there were 5 separate locations within the office that I had to go searching through to find a patient’s file. I can’t even tell you how many times a day I would go looking for a chart, only to find that was not in the filing room where it was supposed to be. By scanning your medical records and putting them onto your system you can find that patient’s file within seconds by typing in the patient’s name on the computer.

Time is such a precious resource for medical doctors and their practices.  There is only so much time in a day and so many patients that can be seen by one doctor.  Eliminating the physical aspect of searching for files by scanning your medical records is one key to improving the efficiency of your practice.

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When a healthcare facility or doctor’s office closes, hiring a custodian of medical records company to manage patient records makes it easier for doctors and staff to go on to their next adventure. Desert River Solutions makes it easy for you to ensure your patients have access to their medical records for the legally required amount of time.

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