Document Scanning

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Desert River Solutions has a decade of experience with document scanning and secure data storage. We truly understand the importance of easily accessible records and we are here to help you eliminate your paper trail and streamline your document storage. 

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Three Easy Steps for Document Scanning

  1. Preparation:

  2. Capture:

    We use high-quality, state-of-the-art software and hardware to scan documents. Then, we review each scanned page electronically during the scanning process to ensure accuracy and quality. Documents are scanned into the most appropriate image file type based on your needs (TIFF, PDF, JPEG, etc.).

  3. Retrieval:

    You can retrieve your documents via CD, DVD, thumb-encrypted hard drive, and the Web. We will help you decide which retrieval format will be most suited to your individual needs.

Benefits of a Document Scanning

1. Save Money

Eliminate your current off-site storage fees or reclaim office space needed for personnel. Retrieve records in minutes when your paper documents are converted into searchable text electronic documents.

2. Increase Productivity

3. Access Information Quickly

With a quick keyword search, you will be able to pull up any file that you have indexed. This will save you money and time with all your files at the tips of your fingers.

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Call us today to find out how easy we can make fulfilling patient records requests, and get answers to all your document scanning questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, not only does document imaging save you money on the actual space you are taking up, but also the lost productivity it takes to find physical files, copy files and mail physical files. 

Once your file scanning process is complete, we can put the data on any media you would like. From cloud storage to a CD, we can work with finding the correct media type that benefits you. 

Electronic records storage times vary based upon the type of document and location. For medical practices, each state has its own guidelines for how long patient records must be retained. Other documents may also have retention laws, depending upon your industry.

Yes, your data storage is secure. Some might even argue that digital documents are even more secure then paper ones as there is no risk of physical damage, lost documents or theft in the case of a break in! We provide secure document imaging, follow all HIPAA guidelines and use servers that are encrypted.

It is important to weigh the manpower, time and hidden in-house costs that go into the prep, scanning and properly indexing each file. Technically, the answer is yes. But is it in your best interest to do so? Probably not.

No! While we frequently work with medical practices for medical record scanning and storage, we also work with a variety of other business types as well and scan documents for businesses in any industry.

Many of our document scanning clients are in other industries, such as higher education, law firms, accountants, tech companies, and more. If you have paper records you want to be digitized, we can help regardless of your business type or size.