About Us

Our Mission

To provide our clients with the most innovative and cost-effective solutions available. From document scanning, custodian of medical records, and EMR migration, we want to deliver the best possible service to you.

What We Do

Custodian of Medical Records

We help physicians when they are retiring or closing their practice with their medical records. Our medical record storage solutions include making their medical records digital, storing their files and managing all medical record requests to help make the transition to retirement that much easier for them

EMR Extraction

If you are closing your practice or moving to a new EMR and your current EMR does not have an extraction solution, we can help. We take existing EMR and convert the data and migrate what we can to your new EMR. We will convert the records into a readable PDF that you can be uploaded to your current EMR. 

Document Scanning

Desert River Solution’s has been helping every type of office eliminate their paper records. With a full-service option, you can rest easy knowing we will do all the work for you. From packing the boxes, picking up, scanning, indexing, destruction or return your documents we are capable of doing it all.  

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Executive Staff

andrew szmuc headshot

Andrew Szmuc

Andrew was working in the medical industry when he realized there was a need for eliminating paper! At this time EMR was just starting up and realized that most medical offices will need to get their files scanned. Andrew has been in the medical industry for over 8 years from working in a medical practice to helping medical offices go paperless.

Andrew loves sports, snowboarding, going to the beach, and traveling. If you don’t find him at the office, you can usually find him watching some type of sporting event. GO DEVILS!! (graduate of ASU). 

edward Szmuc

Edward Szmuc

Edward is part owner of Desert River Solutions, with his main focus on his OBGYN practice in Tempe, Arizona.

Edward has been practicing medicine for over 27 years.

With his expertise in the industry, Edward constantly consults with Desert River Solutions, helping them to grow and become an efficient document scanning company.