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Welcome Lawrence Internal Medicine, P.A. Patients

Desert River Solutions has been designated the official medical records custodian for Lawrence Internal Medicine, P.A.. A medical records custodian is a company or person who has been designated to handle your private healthcare records when your doctor's office closed or your doctor retired. This allows physicians to move onto the next phase of their life while still ensuring that you have full access to your healthcare records as needed.

Our Guarantee

HIPAA Compliant, Convenient Record Requests

Desert River Solutions follows all HIPAA laws and works to safeguard the privacy of your medical records. We strive to make our patient record request process as straightforward as possible and can deliver your records in a digital format that works for you: via secure email or a mailed encrypted thumb drive. It will take 10 business days for you to receive your records.

Important Information for Lawrence Internal Medicine, P.A. patients

Desert River Solutions will not have your medical records from Lawrence Internal Medicine, P.A. until 12/01/2021. You may submit a records request in advance of that date however we will not be able to fulfill your request until records have been received from the practice.

How to Get Your Medical Records

1. Submit Medical Release Form

Click the “Request Your Records” button to get started.

2. Pay $25 Release Processing Fee

If not required by your practice (which may be noted above), skip this step.

3. Receive Records via Mail or Email

You tell us how you want to receive your records when filling out the release form.

Request Your Records Here

Click the “Request Your Records” button to access our medical release form and get started requesting your records.

Additional Information

Thank you for visiting our website. 

We encourage all patients to submit a records release form electronically to ensure the fastest turnaround time on records release requests.

If you have additional questions about obtaining your medical records, please review the answers to frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all records are stored and delivered securely, using HIPAA-compliant cloud storage that meets or exceeds all state and federal laws. With Desert River Solutions, you can rest assured that your healthcare records are 100% private.

Every state has its own laws regarding medical records retention. We follow all applicable laws regarding medical record storage and retention and will have your records available for release for many years following practice closure. If you are not sure if we still have your records, please feel free to contact us.

It will take 10 business days for you to receive your records. 

We encourage all patients to submit a records release form electronically to ensure the fastest turnaround time on records release requests, however, if you prefer to print and mail or email a paper release form, you may do so.

Download a Blank Release Form (PDF) Here


You may mail us the release form with your payment to:
Desert River Solutions
600 W. Ray Rd. Suite C-2
Chandler, AZ 85225


Or you can upload it to our secure file upload portal.

You will receive either a downloadable link via email (HIPAA Compliant) with your records or you will be mailed encrypted thumb drive with your records on it.

You can choose the option you prefer. All files will be electronic.

Contact Patient Services

If you have questions about your records request, please call us at our Patient Services phone number, 480-577-3150, or email us using the form below. We look forward to serving you.

Note: this is NOT a records release form. To request your medical records you must fill out and sign our electronic medical release form.

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