Electronic Medical Records Extraction & Migration

Over 85% office-based physicians and more than 95% of hospitals in the United States currently use EMR, or electronic medical records. Given these statistics, you would think that most healthcare providers have found a solution suited for their practices and needs. However, there are often reasons to migrate your patient records from one EMR or EHR provider to another.

Switching to a new electronic records system can be overwhelming for health care providers and hospitals. The conversion can be complicated if you are not familiar with data mining and digital development. Hence, you need an experienced service provider to take care of your vital patient data and help you extract your records from one platform to another.

3 Things to Look For in Electronic Medical Records Extraction Service Companies

When contemplating the idea of migrating your medical records from one EMR to another or extracting patient records from encrypted electronic health record files into a PDF format for storage and easier release of patient records, there are many things you need to keep in mind. This list provides the top three things to look out for before choosing an EHR data extraction company.

HIPAA Compliance

When migrating your medical records, you need to ensure the organization performing the extraction follows HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance.

At Desert River Solutions, all our processes and systems are HIPAA compliant, and we use servers specially encrypted for EMR storage so you have peace of mind that your patient’s protected health information is safe.

Quick Access to Electronic Records

We understand the importance of healthcare providers and hospitals having quick access to medical and health records when needed. You want to have your medical records at your finger tips so they can be quickly delivered in an easy-to-read format.

Clean Out Data Storage

During the EMR/EHR extraction and migration process, you want to ensure that all your data is current and get rid of any outdated information you don’t need. Your data needs to be optimized to take only the required space to decrease your storage costs.

Why Choose Desert River Solutions For Electronic Medical Record Extraction

At Desert River Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service to you and your patients.

When migrating your medical records to a new system, you will need new systems for your data. If your current EMR platform does not have a solution for migrating records, we will process the extraction and data upload to your new EMR platform.

If you’re closing your practice, choosing Desert River Solutions to extract your electronic medical or health records (EMR or EHR) means you’ll be worry-free that your records are being migrated efficiently, stored securely, and promptly provided to patients requesting their health records. Contact us today to learn more about our EMR extraction or medical records custodian services.

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DRS Medical Record Custodian Services

When a healthcare facility or doctor’s office closes, hiring a custodian of medical records company to manage patient records makes it easier for doctors and staff to go on to their next adventure. Desert River Solutions makes it easy for you to ensure your patients have access to their medical records for the legally required amount of time.

Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote on medical record custodian services for your medical practice.