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What You Need to Know About Electronic Medical Record Storage

Patient record storage is incredibly important for medical practices and healthcare organizations, even if you keep electronic records. If you do not protect patient privacy, you could be at risk for legal consequences. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you understand the importance of electronic medical record storage

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Can a Physician Release Another Physician’s Records?

When a patient transfers from one healthcare provider to another, their electronic medical records must be transferred as well. For physicians, this can be a complicated process. What if the patient has records from a previous provider? Can a physician release another physician’s records? If one physician transfers another physician’s

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The Definitive Checklist for Closing Your Medical Practice

When you’re ready to close your medical practice, you want the transition to be as smooth as possible. However, there are quite a few legal and logistical steps that need to be taken care of before your last day. Learn our recommended steps for closing a practice and access a PDF copy of the checklist we use.

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Document Scanning In-House vs. Custodian of Records

Over the years, we have spoken to many offices that have made the decision to scan their own records – rather than hiring outside assistance -to save time and money. Unfortunately, the reality is that there are actually a number of hidden costs associated with document scanning in-house, which is

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