Electronic Medical Records

Can a Physician Release Another Physician’s Records?

When a patient transfers from one healthcare provider to another, their electronic medical records must be transferred as well. For physicians, this can be a complicated process. What if the patient has records from a previous provider? Can a physician release another physician’s records? If one physician transfers another physician’s

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Myths of going Paperless: Cost of Technology

The cost of new technology is one of the biggest obstacles in converting to a paperless office. Hardware upgrades including new computers, scanners, printers, and software are necessities when converting to an electronic office. However, the cost of technology is often misconstrued. Affordable hardware is more available today than ever before.

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Myths of Going Paperless: Changing Workflow

People are creatures of habit. Especially, if these habits have been building for years or even decades. This fact is often the most used excuse to prevent an office from changing the paper-based workflow they’ve been comfortable with for years. However, paperless workflow and electronic documents are becoming more and more popular over

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Medical Records Scanning: The Future of Storage

Offsite storage companies have been thriving for years on the need for medical offices to archive medical records. These companies profit off storage costs and retrieval fees. With the new push of the HITECH Act, many medical offices are moving towards a largely digital world. This move has caused a rise

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Why Scan Your Medical Records: The Lost Time

Scanning your medical records is imperative. With profit margins continuing to get smaller in medical practices it’s important to increase efficiency in all areas.  Streamlined management of medical records and the process of digitizing them is one key component of creating a leaner, more cost-effective practice. The time lost spent

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Stimulus Incentives

Stimulus Incentives- Medicare Am I eligible?: To qualify, you must be a physician, dentist, optometrist, podiatrist, or chiropractor (limited) and be a non-hospital provider caring for Medicare patients. When should I start?: First year payouts require meaningful use of EMR to be implemented by 1/1/2011. For each subsequent year, meaningful

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Electronic Medical Record Systems for Obstetrics and Gynecology

Remember your last trip to the dentist. The reclined, squeaky-leather chair, the beaming glow of the overhead light, the little swiveling sink off to the side, the dentist or dental hygienist rummaging through their small tray of various instruments; the angled mirror, periodontal probe, and, if you were really unfortunate, the dreaded

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EMR in the US

According to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation only 28 percent of primary care physicians in the United States are currently using electronic health records (EHRs).  However, the February 17, 2009 signing of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act promises to change all that. The

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