Many people have asked me “so we have these files scanned, what do we exactly do with them now”.  Well, that is the most important question you have.  I am going to talk about finding the right software that fits your needs.

Each office has completely different workflows, and that is even the case with offices in the same industry. You must first sit down and ask yourself “what are we going to be do doing with our files”? Knowing how much you will be using these files, along with knowing what you will be doing with the files are key components on figuring out the software. Document management software has dramatic ranges in price. So when you know exactly what you will be doing with the files you can start looking at the different options in software. 

Here are some things to look for.

  1. Server Based vs. web-based
  2. Security
  3. Paper editing options
  4. Document Functions (ie. Can you attach your documents straight to email)
  5. Pricing Plans

Those 5 things will help you start thinking about what to look for in the software world of document management. Eventually, all companies will be total digital, might as well start the search now.