Document Scanning and the Legal Office

The typical law office has paper up to their ears, it is time to take a good hard look and find a way to minimize your time dealing with countless paper records. Other a couple years we have met with a dozen or so law firms that are thinking about going paperless and/or to cut down their old files by document scanning.

There are many different things you have to look at while dealing with a law firm. A great piece of software can be essential to making the transition to a paperless office seamless. With that being said, figuring out your workflow has to be the top priority.  Taking a fundamental look and break down exactly what you do at each level will ensure a less painful process.

OCR or Optical Character Recognition will be something you will have to take a good look at. This will make every word on every page search-able. Many times lawyers are looking for that single sentence throughout a 400 page file.

Another topic most law offices bring up is the ability to invoice and bill their clients on the software that they will be using. A lot of times this subject is missed and really not spoken about. The law firm usually believes that they will just go on using their old system.  Now while that still can work, don’t be afraid to find a right software that has that.

Document scanning can be a great way to organize and be more productive in the law office. Are you ready to see your office become more efficient?

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