Myths of going Paperless: Is it Cost Effective?

There is an idea out there that the process of converting to an electronic office is too expensive and not cost effective. Costly paperless software’s, new workflows, and hardware purchases make converting to an electronic office seem like a daunting financial task. However, if the money spent on this process is seen as an investment the potential future benefits outweigh the up front costs.

The obvious reason to convert to a paperless office is to stay competitive in the new electronic age.  Companies around the world are discovering the benefits electronic technology can add to their business.  The use of fax and paper mail are becoming outdated forms of communication.  Electronic files can be sent to across the world in seconds.

There are also hidden financial benefits to converting to an electronic office. The first includes, scanning documents and eliminating storage costs. Imagine how much money would be saved by eliminating paying for off site storage. Also, on site storage rooms and space could be used in more productive ways.  Second, saving time and money by easily searching and sending of documents with the click of a mouse. The loss of time and pay for an employee to search for a certain file would be replaced with a few key strokes on an electronic search tab. Finally, increased profits and bottom line from a more productive office. If you also include the availability of some very reasonably priced and even free paperless software’s, the choice to invest in going paperless could be even more profitable and cost effective.

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