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Why scan your Medical Records: The Future of Storage

Offsite storage companies have been thriving for years on the need of medical offices to archive medical records. These companies profit off storage cost and retrieval fees. With the new push of the HITECH Act, medical offices are converting to a new electronic age.  This electronic age has caused a rise in the need for electronic document storage and document scanning.

Electronic document storage can eliminate storage costs and space. Medical records in boxes stacked to the ceiling of a storage unit can now be stored electronically in CD’s, hard drives, and on the Internet.  These electronically stored documents can be accessed and organized with the click of a mouse.  Scanned medical records are also easily integrated into EMR software’s, further streamlining your medical office.

Imagine a patient calling your office and requesting a copy from their medical record. If the visit was from 2 years ago, how would you retrieve it? How long and how much would it cost to retrieve that file? If your medical records were scanned and electronically stored it would take a few seconds to find and print out at no cost.  Electronic storage is the future and is essential to improving your medical office’s efficiency, productivity, and bottom line.

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