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Hidden Costs In Document Scanning In-House

Many offices have been telling us that they will just scan their medical records in-house, I respectively disagree with doing this. Yes of course this is what I do in business but have you thought about all the hidden costs associated with scanning … [Read more]

Myths of going Paperless: Cost of Technology

The cost of new technology is one of the biggest obstacles in converting to a paperless office.  Hardware upgrades including new computers, scanners, printers, and software are necessities when converting to an electronic office. However, the cost of … [Read more]

Document Scanning and the Legal Office

The typical law office has paper up to their ears, it is time to take a good hard look and find a way to minimize your time dealing with countless paper records.  Other a couple years we have met with a dozen or so law firms that are thinking about … [Read more]

Myths of Going Paperless: Changing Workflow

People are creatures of habit.  Especially, if these habits have been building for years or even decades.  This fact is often the most used excuse to prevent an office from changing the paper-based workflow they’ve been comfortable with for years.  … [Read more]

Document Scanning and Then What?

Many people have asked me “so we have these files scanned, what do we exactly do with them now”.  Well that is the most important question you have.  I am going to talk about finding the right software that fits your needs. Each office has … [Read more]

Should You OCR Your Files?

Before I go on about whether or not to OCR your scanned documents, let us talk about what exactly OCR is. Optical Character Recognition (OCR), takes your image, for instance your PDF and converts all written words into encoded text.  Which will … [Read more]

Myths of going Paperless: Is it Cost Effective?

There is an idea out there that the process of converting to an electronic office is too expensive and not cost effective.  Costly paperless software’s, new work flows, and hardware purchases make converting to an electronic office seem like a … [Read more]

10 Tips for Document Scanning

Many people do not understand the undertaking of getting your files scanned and converting them into a digital format. Here are some tips I will pass along to you and to think about. 1. Know exactly how you want to be able to use your scanned … [Read more]

Why scan your Medical Records: The Future of Storage

Offsite storage companies have been thriving for years on the need of medical offices to archive medical records. These companies profit off storage cost and retrieval fees. With the new push of the HITECH Act, medical offices are converting to a new … [Read more]

Why Scan Your Medical Records: The Lost Time

Scanning your medical records is imperative. With profit margins continuing to get smaller in medical practices it’s important to increase efficiency in all areas.  Streamlined management of medical records and the process of digitizing them is one … [Read more]